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Worldwide Flu Experiment Useful Links

Educational Resources

Planet Science

Cold and flu…what really gets up your nose? Facts and information about viruses and bacteria. Visit website

Planet Science

Interactive feature – watch out for the sneezes!. Visit website

Association of Science Education

AviFlu is coming! As bird flu approaches Britain, people are getting worried. Will there be a pandemic? Will millions be killed? That is the scenario for this gripping simulation of how a viral disease spreads. The simulation continues for a set period, perhaps 5 days. After that, students can use the data to focus on how diseases spread. Visit website

Bug investigators

A teaching resource for UK Years 5, 6 and 7 with printable projects and online games. Visit website

Topical issues

BBC News

Bird Flu – in depth including interactive map and timeline. Visit website

BBC News

1918 killer flu secrets revealed. Scientists have worked out how the virus, which caused the world's worst flu epidemic, infected man. They believe the virus, which claimed the lives of up to 50m people around the world, jumped from birds to humans. Visit website

BBC News

Timeline: Bird flu in the UK. Visit website

BBC News

How bird flu has spread. Visit website

Department of Health

Bird flu and pandemic influenza: What are the risks? Visit website

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