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Lets All Enjoy Science

About Science Matters

Science Matters is an Educational Consultancy based in North East Lincolnshire.

Science Matters aims to enthuse others about science and its impact on our lives through engaging workshops, activities and events both inside and out of the classroom.

Science Matters was set up by Dr Katy Hewis in 2001 in response to a request from the Lincolnshire & Rutland Education Business Partnership (EBP) to consult on science activities for primary schoolchildren in Lincolnshire and Rutland.

Science Matters rose to the challenge and has worked successfully with the EBP and SETPOINT ever since. In addition Science Matters has increased its client base to include universities, community groups and the public sector.

Prime Minister Tony Blair declares that "Science Matters" in a speech to the Royal Society. Read the speech in full.

Benefits of Science Matters Workshops

Greater enjoyment of science

Science Matters aims to enthuse others about science and its impact on our lives. By approaching scientific concepts in a varied and interactive manner it is hoped that an interest can be awakened in even the most hardened technophobe!

“I wish science had been taught like this when I was at school..”
W.I. member, Goxhill

“Listening to Dr Hewis’s explanations will impact my teaching”
Lincolnshire Primary School teacher (Key Stage 2)

Increased awareness of the effects of science in the world around us

Science Matters strives to put science in context. It is very difficult to appreciate science if it does not appear relevant to any personal experience or knowledge.

All Science Matters interactive sessions are based on a scenario. They always involve problem solving which is at the root of all science, and hands-on investigations – which consolidate learning by practical experience.

Enhancement of science in the school curriculum

Science Matters is committed to supporting, enhancing and extending science in the school curriculum. Science Matters sessions may be used to provide opportunities for practical investigations. These add stimulus to primary school science sessions.

Renewed interest in learning

Science Matters hopes that the sessions will re-motivate others to continue learning opportunities whatever their time of life.

If you would like to find out more about Science Matters,
then please do not hestitate to contact us on 01469 574161 or by email



Science Matters runs workshops and activities for groups of all ages. For more information, please see our activities section

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