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Science Matters is a unique enterprise based in Lincolnshire offering Science based learning opportunities to all.
Whether you want to Educate, Motivate or Inspire, from Soap-Making to Forensic Science, Playgroups to the WI. Science Matters has a solution for you.
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Science Matters News

August 2009

Watch out! Watch out! Swine Flu's about! Check out this little piggy the latest Giant Microbe.

July 2009

75 Year 5 children had fun making slime at a STEM day at North Lindsey College. More slime at William Farr school for 225 Year 5's! Plus Whodunnit at Witham St. Hughs Primary School?

March 2009

The launch of the Corus STEM project using activities created by Science Matters.

February 2009

Pupils at Macaulay Primary School, Grimsby had fun with forensics in a 3 day whodunnit based on Humpty Dumpty.

January 2009

Checkout the new products available! Science Tricks is the latest in the Discovery Tube range. And with National Science and Engineering Week (6-15 March) coming up - these would make fantastic prizes! Discounts for bulk orders. For more information please contact us.

November 2008

Stallingborough Ladies' Circle get hands-on with DNA Fingerprinting.

Scunthorpe C of E and Haxey Primary Schools enjoy a Science Day from Science Matters courtesy of the Royal Society of Chemistry Southumbria Section.

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new look, easier to use Science Matters online Store

October 2008

Encouraging girls in science at a fun-filled day at Oaklands Hotel

Plenty of Slime for Y10's at a STEM day in Billinghay

Spud Science at the Sausage and Mash Festival in Lincoln to celebrate the International Year of the Potato

September 2008

Fun with fizzy bathbombs for Y6 girls at Macauley Primary School

July 2008

Science Matters ran a science in sports workshop at Study Heslam. See the videos here

More slimey fun at North Lindsey College with a Y5 STEM day.

May 2008

Science Matters engaged in sports science and engineering project at Study United.

April 2008

Soils Seminar at Uncle Henry's Farm. Farmers and teachers were Digging the Dirt with Science Matters.

March 2008

Chemistry Challenge day at Hereford Technology College with 220 Y10 students. Ready Steady Fizz!! Forensic Fun with St Francis Special School - blood spatters, blood typing and fingerprints. Whodunit?

February 2008

Magic Potions with the Foundation Stage at Grasby School and DNA Fingerprinting with Thornton Curtis WI.

January 2008

Hoorah! A new year! And who should burst on the scene but Superbug aka MRSA the latest in the range of Giant Microbes. Definitely one you don't want to catch...

December 2007

30 students try their hand at making Slime at De Aston School. Has this given them ideas for CREST projects?

November 2007

Fun with Forensics at Scunthorpe C of E primary school and plenty of Slime for would-be CREST-ites at Joseph Ruston College.

October 2007

*New Products* Feel like you're losing your brain cells? Never mind, just buy some more on the Online Store An ideal present for the numbskull in your life. Or maybe you might prefer a Fat Cell? We're saying nothing...

September 2007

Plenty of activities for Primary Upd8 plus don't forget to sign up for your Planet Science newsletter

August 2007

Cleethorpes newest WI tried a session on DNA Fingerprinting. Now we know who took the last biscuit...

July 2007

Was Goldilocks framed? Macaulay Infants School used science to find out. But why was Baby Bear so smug? A science session at Berkeley Infants Out-of-School Club gave parents and children plenty to think about! Hooray for a STEM day at North Lindsey College.

June 2007

Dissolving ... with Woodlands Junior School. Meanwhile making 175 slimes with Y5 children gave them a glimpse of what it's like at William Farr secondary school.

May 2007

Cleethorpes WI enjoyed a fun-packed evening finding out about the Science of Soap. And very fragrant too! More Forensics Fun with South Parade Infant School.

April 2007

If you want something FREE! Go to Making a Mint Plus Science Matters was in deep conversation with The Paul O'Grady Show who were very interested in Giant Microbes. Buster and Olga with the Mange? Surely not!

March 2007

Science Matters was flat out in National Science and Engineering Week. Building Rube Goldberg machines with Y5's at Robert Pattinson School for Ignite! Volcanoes and choc-chip cookie mining with St John's of Bracebridge Heath. Science shows and soap with Strand Junior School. Plus Science Matters exhibited at the Primary Science Conference in York - did you see us?

February 2007

Dr Hewis is employed by NESTA as their first 'virtual' employee working remotely from the Grimsby area for the London office! Dr Hewis is now Planet Science Newsletters Editor and Content Developer.Click here to sign up for the excellent weekly newsletter

January 2007

If you're planning events for National Science and Engineering Week (NSEW 9-18 March 2007) then take a look at our Learning Lab for ideas. The Online Store has plenty of science toys and kits that would make great prizes for science challenges and competitions. Wouldn't you like to win an Electricity Lab?

December 2006

Giant Microbes flew off the shelves this month! How many of you got Salmonella or E. Coli on Christmas Day? Plenty judging by our sales figures. Don't miss the new range of blood cells. Plus Flu, Common Cold and Sore Throat are a great gift at this time of the year...

November 2006

New products for the Science Matters online store... Cuddly scientists, even more Microbes and a new range of Techno Kits to name but a few. Find a truly unique Christmas present.

Science Matters worked with 140 Year 11 pupils on a CSI forensics day for enterprise and work-related learning. The crime? Someone had tried to steal the coveted trophies. The culprit? Wouldn't you like to know...

September 2006

Thanks to funding from EMDA, the 'On the trail of a Cereal Killer' resource is now complete! So if you want some ideas for fun, hands-on activities on soil, how plants grow and the farmer's enemy - that cheeky little varmint the field slug - head to the Lab. Get orf moi laaaaaaand!

August 2006

Children were kept busy during four holiday club sessions at Pegasus Children's Centre. Soapmaking, forensics and bubbles and more! What's more Science Matters now edits the main Planet Science Newsletter as well as those for younger readers. Click here to subscribe

July 2006

Fred has been spotted! Oh yes - Fred the flu has been seen larging it in Ibiza. The little devil! See the photos and message board on the Flu page. Where else will he pop up?

June 2006

Science Matters went crazy with visits to nine schools to cover everything from rockets to strawberries! Primary school science days and secondary school feeder primary events were the order of the day. Thanks to Buxton Primary School, Norfolk St John of Beverley School, East Yorkshire Gleed Girls School, Spalding and many more.

May 2006

Science Matters has received a grant from East Midlands Development Agency to finish the remaining two parts of 'On the Trail of a Cereal Killer' (see Rural Science downloads). Was it Patrick Pigeon or Maisie Mollusc? Or was it because of the flooding? Find out whodunnit! Available from July 2006.

April Worldwide Flu update

(To the tune of 'O Christmas Tree')
O Fred the Flu so small and green
Why is it you've not been seen?
You're in New York and Sydney too
So why have we not heard from you?
I sent you off to distant shores
That's my excuse. Now what is yours?

Has anyone seen him? Two are out there and another one is due to leave for Europe in May - keep watching...

Science Matters Worldwide Flu Experiment

The flu is about to hit America! It's true - Fred the cuddly flu virus is due to arrive in the Big Apple on 7 April with his Ozzie counterpart (also known as Fred) due to hit Sydney on 17 April. Australia watch out! Remember, if you see him then visit our flu section and enter the code number written on his label. We'll be watching! And don't forget to keep checking back to see where he is in the world...

Announcing Flu investigation

Science Matters is launching a new worldwide science investigation! Cuddly flu virus toys are being sent out into the big wide world to see how far they can 'spread'. Monitor their travels on the map. So should we be concerned about the spread of disease by human contact? Watch the map and find out...

March 2006

Exciting times for Science Matters as the new activity 'Get Clobbered' is launched on Planet Science. This interactive H&S 'dress-the-scientist' game supports the 'Science in the Workplace' unit of the new GCSE Science courses starting in Sep 2006. Teacher notes and classroom activities are available.

February 2006

Science Matters believes in making science relevant to everyday life. So we are very pleased to join the editing team for Primary Upd8 which creates activities for 7-11 year olds which use topical events to create uniquely engaging science lessons. Our first activity 'Thames Whale: Countdown to Catastrophe' can be seen here. We had a 'whale' of a time working on it!

January 2006

Science Matters exhibits at Discovery Day for biology teachers at the National Science Learning Centre York. We are also at the Chemistry and Physics Discovery Days on 7 and 21 February respectively Click here for more details

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